Data-Driven Sustainability 

Research & Insights

Do you have a question? We can help you to answer it with powerful data analysis tools.


Engage your stakeholders. Use beautiful and clear visualizations without losing interpretability. 

Predictive Modelling

Apply machine learning techniques to build predictive models of those impacts that you care the most.

Data Consultancy

Strenghten your in-house sustainability research and insights capabilities. 

Sustainability + Data

We believe in data-driven sustainability. 

We apply data science tools, risk management techniques, and globally accepted principles for the design of better policies, more sustainable business practices, and better informed stakeholders. 

Make data work for what matters.

Safe Data

We do not control or process personal data unless allowed by the GDPR regulations. 

Safe People

We are trained and accredited analysts on data science and information governance. 

Powered by Open Source

Our analytical tools, software and platforms are all freely available on the web. This means that our analytical solutions are transparent, replicable, and auditable without compromising security. 

We work 100% online.

Your solution for sustainability research & analytics

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