Reponsible Data Science 

Training & Awareness

Understand how Data Science can be responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Tools & Solutions

Apply Responsible Data Science tools and solutions for bettering the world and people’s lives

Research & Insights

Are you looking at using data for a positive social impact?  Talk to us.

Get Involved

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Data + Impact

We are social scientists with a purpose: Promote the use of data science tools for the betterment of society.

We support governments, not-for-profit organisations and purpose-driven businesses to design and implement data science solutions to improve their services, interventions, and stakeholder engagement. 

Make data work for what matters.

Safe Data

We do not control or process personal data unless allowed by the GDPR regulations. 

Safe People

We are trained and accredited analysts on data science and information governance. 

Powered by Open Source

Our analytical tools, software and platforms are all freely available on the web. This means that our analytical solutions are transparent, replicable, and auditable without compromising security. 

We work 100% online.

Make the most of your data for  what matters.

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